Juarez Acoustic Guitar Review

Welcome to the Juarez Acoustic Guitar Review. In this review, you will get insights into the pros and cons of this amazing acoustic guitar. It would help you in making your buying decision.

The Juarez acoustic guitar is the second best selling guitar on the Amazon store. Well, the guitar at the first place is the Jixing Acoustic guitar, but the difference between the reviews of these two is minor.

Juarez, is a well known and one of the leading brands when it comes to guitars. It has a reputation of selling good quality guitars priced at extremely low amounts. Juarez Acoustic Guitar under 3000 rupees

Let’s take a look the different components of the Juarez right handed acoustic guitar.


The Juarez acoustic guitar has 18 evenly spaced frets, which allow you to play music with ease. The frets towards the lower portion(higher notes) of the fret board also have ample space among them to help you play higher notes easily. Without your fingers mingling among themselves. An amazing feature for beginners as well as experts


The bridge of this guitar has been manufactured from plastic. These days it is very difficult to find wooden bridges in low priced guitars. The lift mechanism of the bridge is nice and helps you in adjusting the height of the strings easily.


The fingerboard has been manufactured from a combination of Ebony wood and Linden wood. The entire body of the guitar except from the fingerboard has been manufactured from Linden wood which is an apt material to manufacture guitars.


This is a full size 38 inch guitar which would be fit for people of all sizes. Except for kids. Getting a full size guitar at such a low price is really unbelievable.

Strings and Side.

The Juarez 38 inch acoustic guitar features Nylon strings which give you the liberty of playing classical music with this guitar. Steel strings are stiffer and because of that, it is difficult to play higher notes with them. This is good for beginners because they can practice advanced level tunes with this guitar without worrying about replacing it in the future. Moreover, if anyone want to replace this guitar in coming times, that wouldn’t be a problem because the price of this guitar is too low.


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The Juarez acoustic guitar is available in  six different colours which include:





Blue Sunburst.

Zebrawood without combo.(My Favourite. There are 6 colours in it 🙂 Check it out!)


The Juarez 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar is available with an amazing combo to give the best value for your money. The combo includes:

  • 1 Pack of Strings(extra).
  • 1 Shoulder Strap.
  • 1 Nylon Carry Bag.
  • 2 Extra Picks.

Is Juarez Guitar Good ?

The Juarez 6 String Acoustic Guitar is an amazing product for beginners as well as good guitarists. However, it is more favorable for beginners to help them learn the basics without spending much money in the beginning.

The guitar is available at a price less than 3000 rupees so you can use to learn the basic of guitar as a beginners. In further stages when you get proficient at playing guitar, or want to switch to more professional instruments, you can purchase a new guitar. The low price of this product makes it easy to move over.

Juarez is a good guitar brand and has been known for the amazing quality of guitars it manufactures. With more than 700 customer reviews on the Amazon store, this Juarez 6 strings acoustic guitar can be bought without thinking twice.

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  1. Hey there. Is there a way to change the height of the strings?

  2. Yes. It can be achieved by adjusting the saddle. There are some good video instructions available on the internet for the same.

  3. Does this guitar have a truss rod.

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