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Ankit is an experienced copywriter passionate about books, music and adventure sports. He is a guitar and harmonica player himself and loves guiding newbies as well as professionals towards the right musical instruments to make their journey better.
acoustic guitar under 5000 rupees

Best Acoustic Guitars under 3000 Rupees

Best Acoustic Guitars under 3000 Rupees Looking for an affordable yet good quality acoustic guitar under 3000 rupees? Here’s the list of the best acoustic guitars available online which will fit your budget. All the guitars mentioned in this list are 6 string acoustic guitars and are among the best selling guitars in India manufactured […]

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kala ukulele

Best Ukulele for Beginners in India

Best Ukulele for Beginners in India Ukulele is a type of four-stringed musical instrument and is made of wood. It looks like a small guitar. The sound it produces will take you to tropical environments. Although it was invented in Hawaii its main root is in Western Europe. This review article here will elaborate on […]

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones In India

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones In India for Beginners, Gamers, Pros and More Good and consistent music is soulful and all you need is quality headphones which can enhance your experience. Companies have come up with latest models from which you can choose the best noise cancelling headphones in India under all budgets. These picks not […]

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acoustic guitar under 5000 rupees

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 5000 Rupees

Looking for best Acoustic Guitars under 5000 rupees? Well the good news is, there are a lot of options available for you to choose from. To help you make this decision easier, this article would tell you about a couple of guitars priced between 3000 – 5000 rupees. You can view our other article where […]

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Juarez Acoustic Guitar under 3000 rupees

Juarez Acoustic Guitar Review

Welcome to the Juarez Acoustic Guitar Review. In this review, you will get insights into the pros and cons of this amazing acoustic guitar. It would help you in making your buying decision. The Juarez acoustic guitar is the second best selling guitar on the Amazon store. Well, the guitar at the first place is […]

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Best Harmonica Today for Beginners in India

A few people may think, playing a Harmonica is no big deal – but unless you’ve tried, one can’t say for sure. However, for fun, one can play any instruments of their choice, but a Harmonica is among the simplest musical instruments and has different music genres. Most notable genres include Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues […]

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best studio headphone in India

Best Studio Monitor Headphones in India

It is essential for creative minds to have some clarity when they are trying to create a masterpiece. In the case of musicians, clarity comes with good quality studio monitor headphones. They serve as an aid while recording as well as editing – ensuring that the innovations come through without any disruptions.  Here’s a quick […]

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cajon in India

Best Cajon for Beginners in India

Best Cajon for Beginners in India Cajon or Cajun is quite popular among percussionists, drummers, as well as other music artists. It’s an instrument for all with a rich and somewhat dark history. Whether for corporate seminars or musical education, people love listening to a Cajon. Being a popular music instrument, this article will shed […]

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punam flutes c natural flute review

Best Flutes For Beginners In India Review Latest

Rarely there is any soul that doesn’t get mesmerized by the heavenly and divine music of a flute. If you are among those and want to pursue your dream to learn a flute, then this article will help you in knowing about some of the best flutes for beginners in India. It will not only […]

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guitar capo combo

Best Guitar Capo in India

Best Guitar Capos in India Review If you have a guitar and do not have much idea about the device or in simple words you are beginner then guitar capo is of much help to you. If you wondering which guitar capo will be good for you then this article will give you a brief […]

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