Best Guitar Capo in India

Best Guitar Capos in India Review

If you have a guitar and do not have much idea about the device or in simple words you are beginner then guitar capo is of much help to you. If you wondering which guitar capo will be good for you then this article will give you a brief idea about some of the best guitar capo in India. It doesn’t matter whether you are alone playing the guitar or jamming with a lot of friends a guitar cap is of great help.

For a quick overview of the brands, here is the list:

  1. Bufferman Metal Guitar Capo
  2. Worldmacs Jackie Guitar Capo
  3. Mustang Capo With 5 Free Picks
  4. Kadence Pro Guitar Capo
  5. Mustang One Handed Guitar Capo

Or, if you’re in a hurry you can also check out this list of capo bestsellers in India.

What is the use of a Guitar Capo

Guitar capo offers a great solution for those guitar players who find it very difficult in searching for right chords especially when he is playing in a band with a singer having very high vocal range. It is true that most of the songs are played by using E, A, C and G chords but still it becomes sometimes difficult to synchronize with other instruments in the band.

When a player uses a capo, it is like moving the nut of the guitar very close to the bridge. By placing the capo in the third fret, the open sounds become higher by three notes. When you are jamming with your friends, if everybody will play with same chords then you may feel bored but with capo the song will have various chords, making it interesting. In simple words, a guitar capo helps in shortening the fret length so you can achieve high pitch sounds.

Different Types of Guitar Capos.

There are different types of guitar capos. Have a look at it.

  1. Clamp capo also called normal capo is a type of spring capo that clamps over the strings.
  2. Shubb capo is a capo that utilizes screw and a locking lever for attaching the capo to the neck of the guitar.
  3. Band capo is secured by elastic or fabric band that locks over the strings.
  4. Partial capo easily gets fit over a set of strings. It can be made by cutting chunks of rubber out of a standard clamp capo that is usually narrower.
  5. Rail spike capo is the one mostly used by banjo players for capoing the drone 5th string.
  6. G-band capo is a plastic clamp that is very small in size that helps in capoing outer guitar strings.

Best Guitar Capo Reviews in India

If you want to buy a guitar capo, then you may face a little difficulty in choosing the best one. Earlier it was simply because at that time capos were having very simple designs and made up of plastic or rubber but now there are several stylish capo designs that not only help in tuning but also possess a very stylish look. To make your work easier let’s have a look on features and reviews of some of the best capo in India.

Bufferman Metal Black Guitar Capo

best guitar capo

This is one of the best and most selling guitar capos in the Indian market that helps in playing accurately on the fret board of the instrument. It is an updated version of previously available designs that help in activating the capo refined adjustment. Made up of alloy, it is very strong. Moreover, very light in weight that helps in easier application and release.

Price: 152/- (Check more images and testimonials)

Best acoustic guitars

Worldmacs Jackie Heavy Duty Quick Release Squeeze Acoustic Guitar Capo (Silver)

worldmacs Jackie Heavy Duty Quick Release Squeeze Acoustic Guitar Capo (Silver)

This is a good guitar capo in available in India that is both strong and is also light in weight. It clamps very firmly for holding the intonation and is very easy to apply and release without causing any disturbance to the tuning.

Price: 164/- (Check more images and testimonials)

Best acoustic guitars

Mustang Spring Guitar Capo (Black) With 5 Picks Free!!

guitar capo combo

Mustang string guitar capo is best for those who want very fast changes in the stage. It also allows easy apply and release. When not in use you can keep on the headstock. It is mostly used for classical guitars, electric guitars and acoustic guitars. The capo includes 5 extra picks and is an exceptional combo offer for you.

Price: 208/- (Check more images and testimonials)

Best acoustic guitars

Kadence Guitar Pro Capo, Black

Kadence Guitar Pro Capo ,Black

It is a very small device that gets locked to the neck of the guitar. It is mostly used for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and classical guitar. Made from the sturdy material it lasts very long and on the other hand is very light in weight that helps the musician in holding the instrument in a better way.

Price: 195/- (Check more images and testimonials)

Best acoustic guitars

Mustang One Handed Trigger Guitar Metal Capo

This is one of the best guitar capo available in India that is very strong, made from high-quality material and is light in weight. Perfect for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, banjo, folk guitars. Reliable and very easy for using that can be changed without affecting the tuning.

Price: 265/- (Check more images and testimonials)

Best acoustic guitars

So, if you want to play your guitar perfectly in the band, then you should purchase one of those best guitar capos. It will help you in having a perfect hold on your chord.

Still Confused? Check out the Capo bestsellers in India on Amazon.

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