Best Guitar Pedals in India

Pedals are the most fundamental part of any electric guitarist’s tool kit. There are hundreds of different variety of pedals available in the market that produce impressive guitar effects by adjusting the sound in myriad ways. So let’s check out the best guitar pedals in India.

What Is a Guitar Pedal?

A pedal can be named as an effects pedal, a stomp box, or we can say that is an effects unit. The guitar pedal is an electronic device that modifies the instrument’s sound and is firmly correlated with guitar players and the electric guitar. Vocalists and other instrumentalists generally use guitar pedals to compose unique and exciting effects.

What do Guitar Effect pedals do?

The most general form of guitar effect is distortion & overdrive, and these guitar effects are frequently used with electric guitar in electric blues and rock music. It is the effect that is generally discovered on guitar amplifiers. You may also want to check the best electric guitars in India if you don’t have one already.

Guitar pedals also are the same thing; you can set them on the floor precisely in front of you, and serve them by modifying the handle knobs and standing on the button/switch to turn them off or on according to your needs. They have to to be combined to form a chain and pleasantly powered.

Reviews of the best Guitar Pedals in India

Take a quick peek into our best picks for these guitar pedals. In case you’re short on time and wanna move fast.

  1. Best Overall: Behringer UC200 Guitar Chorus Effect
  2. Guitar Distortion Pedal: Behringer OD300
  3. Great for the money: Boss DS-1
  4. Best Metal Distortion Pedal : Boss MT-2
  5. Multi Effects Processor Pedal: Zoom G1X
  6. Best Mini Booster Pedal: TC Electronic Spark Guitar Pedal

Six Different Types of Guitar Effects Pedals

There are many different categories of pedals that do other things, and within those categories, there are thousands of other pedals that alter the sound in different ways. Six broad categories include:

1. Behringer UC200 Guitar Chorus Effect Pedal

This BEHRINGER UC200 Guitar Chorus Effect Pedal is intended to play for head to head with leading stocks on the market with dedicated level, tone, rate and depth controls for excellent sound shaping. It is perfectly designed for the guitarist who wants to create unique effects.

best guitar chorus effect pedal in India


The product features the blue LED status for showing on/off effects and subsequent battery check. The fantastic guitar pedal has first-class electronic On/Off switch for most leading signal integrity in bypass mode. The pedal operates on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply. 

Why is it good for you?

The guitar pedal improves your guitar’s tone by delivering sound super-thick with vibrant and outstanding stereo effect. Its excellent controls with depth, rate and level are given for ultimate sound shaping. There’s a reason it is our top pick for the best guitar pedals in India.


  • Great ultra-chorus peddle and VFM
  • Rich quality chorus at a fantastic price
  • Awesome sound shaping
  • Super-thick chorus with unbelievable stereo effect


  • Mid-range sound quality
  • Installing the battery is hard.
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2. Behringer OD300 Distortion Effect Pedal

The Behringer OD300 Guitar pedal regenerates the whole new and fantastic variety of popular fuzz tones of the ’60s and ’70s. Its three different sound modes create interesting tonal textures with classic fuzz, grunge, and gains boost. 

best distortion effect guitar pedal in India


The Behringer OD300 Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check. It has dedicated Gain, 2-band EQ and Level controls for excellent sound shaping and make your tone sound better. The product operates on 9 V batteries or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply. The pedal features three different sound modes that include classic fuzz, grunge, and gains boost. The guitar pedal is controllable via the dedicated Gain, with Level and 2-band EQ control.

Why is it good for you?

The guitar pedal encourages you to plug in, turn on and rock out your outstanding music talent; it’s time to expand your mind with the OD300. This is the best way to expand your creative horizons as a musician.


  • Fantastic sound and fantastic value
  • A great mode to boost the signal
  • Rich fuzz effects
  • Great value because of plastic construction


  • It is made up of plastic.
  • Battery drains a bit quickly
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3. Boss DS-1 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

This amazing Boss DS-1 guitar pedal has super-tough construction makes it perfect for long term use. It enables your right guitar tone to shine with fantastic sound effects. It can be from screaming loud to whisper soft, and these great distortion effects devotedly replicate the dynamics of your playing style.


The Boss DS-1 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal has tone, level, and distortion knobs on the face. The amazing level and distortion controls of the pedal give you full control of signal processing. The marvelous tone knob allows you to tailor EQ right on the unit. 

Why is it good for you?

When you dial in the accurate settings depending on your guitar and amp, you can get some unique hard rock sounds with this pedal. It is probably the best value pedal in presence. The guitar pedal can take whatever your drive can dish out. It has a boss feature all the way. Sort of a balanced pick for the best guitar pedals in India.


  • Super-tough construction.
  • Great sounding pedal for the price.
  • Works perfectly and good Gain.
  • The battery can be lasted up to 3 weeks.


  • It is a little bit noisy.
  • Does not come with power adapter.
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4. Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal

The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal has super high-and outstanding sound quality. The guitar pedal has a precision effect, and EQ controls enabling guitarist to produce their sound effects. . Guitar pedals can be used on all guitars that use an amplifier and transform the sound no matter the type.


The Guitar pedal features pro-quality distortion and sustain with iron-handed command parameters. The pedal offers dual-gain circuits scream with super-long sustain and seething distortion with accuracy control overtone.  It is presented by a 3-band EQ that combines high/low shelving knobs with a mid band parametric EQ. The remarkable separate level and distortion knobs put the correct amount of edge on your signal.

Why is it good for you?

It is an ideal pedal to play metal core style. This is the one distortion pedal that every metal player should have. It is an excellent product with incredible sound with heavy metal, and the Equalizer is good. You can Play 80s metal into modern heavy metal, but you need other effects too. 


  • Sturdy built.
  • Nice black metallic finish.
  • Ultimate distortion in the 7-8k range.
  • Wide variety of tones to play with. 
  • Excellent Boss quality, Rugged and strong


  • It has a lot of noise with it
  • It has to be purchased separately.
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5. Zoom G1X Four Multi-effects Processor with Expression Pedal without adapter

The Zoom G1 Four and G1X Four points out 70 effects, amp models, and a looper and drum machine. The guitar pedal features in-built looper that can record almost 30 seconds of playing, enabling you to create dynamic, multi-part compositions.


The Zoom G1X Four Multi-effects provides 71 built-in guitar effects along with 13 amp models. The pedal offers a free download of zoom guitar lab mac/windows software. It has 30-second lopper with 68 built-in rhythm patterns. G1X has standard guitar input, aux input for external audio players and amp/headphone output.

Why is it good for you?

The G1X Four comes with ZOOM’s effect pedal that manages effects that include volume, wag, delay and pitch. The guitar pedal features 13 classic amps and cabinets like Fender, Marshall, Orange and more that brings big stage sound wherever you want or go. The pedal features almost 60 traditional and boutique effects that also involves ring modulator, pitch-shifting delay and even sitar simulation.


  • Auto Patch Backup
  • Best for beginners to intermediate players
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Great processor for gigs and garage jamming.


  • Difficult to use for people who are not good with tech and minimal instruction.
  • It does not have an adapter.
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6. TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal

TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal with Prime time switching and all-analogue design allows you to suppose into high gear. The guitar pedal foot switch seamlessly toggles between classic on/off or a momentary boost based on the time you hold it down.

best mini guitar pedal in India


The Guitar Pedal has a mountainous 20 dB of boost. It is revolutionary prime time switching with discrete analogue circuit and level knob advance levels or drives amps to summit appearance. Prime-time-seamlessly toggle between latching and flashing modes, depending on how long you press down the foot switch. Place after enduring distortion/overdrive to intensify drive sounds. The guitar pedals add life and compression to your tone. 

Why is it good for you?

Its spotless volume raises to 20db on tap. It works amazingly with a pre-Amp to stretch the overdrive/distortion pedal or distorted Amp channel. Its amazing and compact design boosts the signal going into it and cranks it up. The pedal features a pleasing feature with standing upon it for more distant than a second will automatically turn it off when your foot is removed, great for instant licks without having to double-tap.


  • Amplifies your signal without any degrading or alteration
  • Ultra-compact booster pedal with Prime time switching
  • Affordable clean boost
  • Outstanding pedal period 


  • None to mention.

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So in reality, a guitar pedal is an important necessity for electric guitar owners who are on the pro level of playing. A good pedal will allow you to add a lot of new tunes depending upon its type. It is always better to invest in a good guitar pedal. It may feel a tad expensive, but it will do wonders for your music composition. A great tool for music composers and expert guitar players. So this was our compilation for the best guitar pedals in India.

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