acoustic guitar under 5000 rupees

Best Acoustic Guitars under 3000 Rupees

Best Acoustic Guitars under 3000 Rupees   Looking for an affordable yet good quality acoustic guitar under 3000 rupees? Here’s the list of the best acoustic guitars available online which will fit your budget. All the guitars mentioned in this list are 6 string acoustic guitars and are among the best selling guitars in India […]

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best professional microphone in India

Best professional microphone in India

Choosing the right microphone for your job is the most crucial step. There are many things that a person needs to consider before choosing the right microphone for their work. There are different requirements, such as studio requirements, recording music, recording guitar, and recording podcasts. Choose the best professional microphone in India, considering the requirements […]

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Best Stereo mixer/Channel mixer to buy in India 2021

Best Stereo mixer/Channel mixer to buy in India 2021 Since the world of audio mixing is changing rapidly. The technology for audio mixing is changing as well. To make the most out of audio, there are numerous techniques available, effects, technology, and equipment required. However, choosing the best stereo mixer/channel mixer for your work is […]

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best guitar pedals in India

Best Guitar Pedals in India

Pedals are the most fundamental part of any electric guitarist’s tool kit. There are hundreds of different variety of pedals available in the market that produce impressive guitar effects by adjusting the sound in myriad ways. So let’s check out the best guitar pedals in India. What Is a Guitar Pedal? A pedal can be […]

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones In India

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones In India for Beginners, Gamers, Pros and More Good and consistent music is soulful and all you need is quality headphones which can enhance your experience. Companies have come up with latest models from which you can choose the best noise cancelling headphones in India under all budgets. These picks not […]

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mackie studio monitor

Best Studio Monitor Speakers in India

People who work in sound need high quality studio monitors to get the work done. Be it audio mixing for a home project, home recording or for a movie, a good studio monitor is the need of the hour. There are different kinds of studio monitors available in the market. It’s difficult to know which […]

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best guitar stand in India

Best Guitar Stand in India 2021 – Detailed Review

You finally bought that lovely guitar after a lot of research. Now are you confused in buying the best guitar stand for it? Well the confusion ends now!  Here is the best guide to guitar stands available online in India.  It’s a complete hustle to buy a decent guitar but you’re only one step through, as […]

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kala ukulele

Best Ukulele for Beginners in India

Best Ukulele for Beginners in India Ukulele is a type of four-stringed musical instrument and is made of wood. It looks like a small guitar. The sound it produces will take you to tropical environments. Although it was invented in Hawaii its main root is in Western Europe. This review article here will elaborate on […]

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best musical keyboard for beginners

3 Best Musical Keyboards For Beginners In India Review 2021

A brief guide on purchase of best musical keyboards for beginners in India Why should you read this review of the best musical keyboards for beginners in India? During festival seasons everyone will get a glimpse of pianos being played being played at every mall. This is the time when you can also join the […]

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best cheap electric guitar online

Best Electric Guitar For Beginners in India 2021 Review

Best Electric Guitar in India for Beginners Are you thinking of buying your first guitar? Great! Congratulations and this date should be remembered. Well! learning guitar is actually a life-altering experience that opens you to several novel ranges of possibilities. But to make learning easy initially you need a guitar that will make your practicing […]

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