Best Guitar Stand in India – Detailed Review

You finally bought that lovely guitar after a lot of research. Now are you confused in buying the best guitar stand for it?

Well the confusion ends now!  Here is the best guide to guitar stands available online in India. 

It’s a complete hustle to buy a decent guitar but you’re only one step through, as now is the time to pay respect to your guitar and buy a proper stand for that beast.! 

For a quick read, check out out 7 best guitar stands in a bullet list.

The market is flooded with a lot of options on almost everything and a guitar stand is no exception. A true guitar lover not only plays his guitar well but also takes proper care of it. If you own an expensive guitar then a sturdy guitar stand is essential. 

A guitar stand basically makes your guitar more accessible to you. You will find yourself playing it more often and getting better at it. A guitar in a case is a waste! The different types of stands include a Frame stands, Wall Hangers Tubular stands and the list goes on. If these names sound ghost to your ears, do not worry as you’ll become familiar with them towards the end.

A good guitar stand is the one which is:

  • affordable 
  • easy to carry
  • durable and strong
  • holds your guitar firmly and obviously the one you don’t regret buying. 

Review of the best guitar stands available in India online. 

Now, we are going to look at the 7 most popular guitar stands in India. 

Let’s together find out the best one that suits you. Additionally, you can also check out the list of best electric guitars or acoustic guitars on this site.

Born Genio Premium guitar stand 

Are you looking for the one which is affordable and durable as well? If this is so then you will definitely appreciate this one. 


  • Proven to be stable as it is covered with rubber foam. 
  • Simple yet beautifully designed, this stand is made up of metal alloy. 
  • The best feature about this stand is that it can handle any kind of guitars. Amazing! Isn’t it? Carry it hassle free anywhere as it is foldable. What else can one expect at this price range? 


  • Definitely not for the ones looking for a stylish stand. 
  • You are unable to display your guitar on the wall too.

In case these are not your priorities you must definitely consider buying this one for sure! This stand will provide the required amount of support and cushioning to your guitar. Moreover, this stand is appreciated by almost all the users and hence has good reviews. Owners with regular use in rehearsals can keep their guitar on even at a corner of the room as it does not occupy much safety. This is one of the best deals you can get at this price range. 

Best acoustic guitars

2. Rockjam GS-001 Vertical Tripod Guitar Stand 

As the name suggests, it is a tripod-shaped guitar. 


  • This is made up of steel which makes it long lasting. 
  • An exceptional feature of this stand is that it has a locking mechanism which ensures the safety of your precious guitar. 
  • This guitar stand also has a cradling hook and a neck rest along with a soft covering which holds the instrument securely.


  • The thin legs decrease the stability. 
  • Not too stylish, simply designed for your guitar. Otherwise it is a value for money stand.  

This stand is capable of holding bass, electric guitar, acoustic. As I’ve mentioned, one feature which makes it unique is the locking mechanism it provides. This guitar stand can be folded completely making it easy to store as well as easy to carry anywhere you want to. It also has cushioning at almost all the points to prevent any scratches or marks on the guitar. If you are looking for a reasonably priced stand ensuring maximum safety then this is for you. 

Best acoustic guitars

3. Juarez JRZ 100 Guitar Wall Hanger/Mount

Are you one of those who loves to display things they love? If yes then pay a little more attention on this one. 


  • This stand is specially designed to hang your guitar on the wall. The material is made up of steel to hold the instrument’s weight.
  •  The outer surface is padded with neoprene which protects the instrument from getting any scratches. 


  • Not a carry everywhere kind of a stand. 
  • Once you mount it at a spot on your wall you’ll have to place your guitar on the same spot every time. 

You might be thinking that hanging your precious guitar on a hanger is much of a risk. But, no! this is not the case here. This wall hanger comes with a thick rubber padding ensuring maximum grip and protection of the instrument. It is also made in such a way that your guitar or bass does not touch the wall. Wall hangers are surely the one for saving space. It has a very easy to install process which is not much of a worry. No doubt wall hangers are your choice as it also hangs most styles of guitars.

Best acoustic guitars

4. Electomania Guitar Wall Hanger Holder Stand

This is another affordable priced wall hanger. It comes with a premium finish which makes it look elegant.


  • A small black colour handle shaped stand can display your stylish guitar.
  • This stand is made of ABS material which makes it last forever.
  •  It has a soft grip EVA foam coated to protect your guitar heads and strings from getting a scratch and damage. 


  • This has the same noticeable thing which is the non-transportable factor. 
  • Moreover , it’s installation has to be done manually. 

It is the most beautifully designed piece and is sturdy enough. Automatic lock provides the maximum safety. It is suitable for a variety of instruments such as guitars, bass, violins, mandolins etc. It has a strong built quality which makes it a recommendable option.

Best acoustic guitars

5. SIKO REEDS Guitar Wall Hanger With Fittings, Adjustable Direction 


  • This is a universal guitar stand which can accommodate any style of guitar. 
  • An uniquely styled wall hanger for almost all types of instruments. 
  • The price range is also quite affordable. 
  • Strong grip ensuring maximum safety of your guitar.
  • Padded with neoprene rubber to protect the instrument from scratches. It comes with a durable design and a foam coating all over the outer surface.


There are just a few things you need to keep an eye out for. 

  • The weight of the guitar should be supported by the wall, the hook and the structure of the neck. 
  • Also , make sure you don’t hang it close to a heat source. 

It is also made in such a way that the instrument does not touch the wall. As the price is low you can buy multiple hangers if you have a lot of instruments. Looking at the price, it’s quality is at peek. You definitely shouldn’t worry about the build quality. This is the cheapest product in the list. If you have a low budget I think you should definitely go for this. 

Best acoustic guitars

6. Hype String Guitar Wall Hanger 

Are you in search of the most stylish and trendy hanger for your guitar? If yes then this will be a great choice for you.


  • This Hype String Wall Hanger is a wooden piece with a much classy look. 
  • The hanging hook is covered with a solid foam layer which gives the instrument good protection. 
  • It is capable of hanging both acoustic and electric guitars. 


  • The price is on a heavier side due to it’s look. 

Apart from guitar hangers it can also act as a decor piece in your home. It can surely grab everyone’s eyes. Being made of wooden gives it more of a traditional look. 

Best acoustic guitars

7. Techblaze Guitar Wall Mount Horizontal Hanger

It is different among all other stands on the list. Buying this will surely be the best thing you can do for your guitar.


  • It is suitable for approximately all types of guitars. 
  • Moreover , it is adjustable for both right handed and left handed guitars.
  • It also has a long lasting build quality as it is constructed of powder coated steel and protective padding. 


  • It is a mid price range guitar stand which can fit guitars with body depth from 2.5-5.5cm.

This guitar hanger is easy to mount and a value for money product. However, different things suit to different people. It has yoke pivots to accommodate various head stocks, these are generally proven great for guitars. It can also display a wide body instrument horizontally. The best thing about this stand is that it comes with a lifetime structural warranty. 

Best acoustic guitars

You just looked on the best options of guitar stands available in the market. I’m pretty sure that your confusion has been cleared now. You just have to realize your needs before finalizing. I bet you won’t regret buying anyone of these in the future. Hope you take the best decision!

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