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best guitar pedals in India

Best Guitar Pedals in India

Pedals are the most fundamental part of any electric guitarist’s tool kit. There are hundreds of different variety of pedals available in the market that produce impressive guitar effects by adjusting the sound in myriad ways. So let’s check out the best guitar pedals in India. What Is a Guitar Pedal? A pedal can be […]

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Best Stereo mixer/Channel mixer to buy in India

Best Stereo mixer/Channel mixer to buy in India 2021 Since the world of audio mixing is changing rapidly. The technology for audio mixing is changing as well. To make the most out of audio, there are numerous techniques available, effects, technology, and equipment required. However, choosing the best stereo mixer/channel mixer for your work is […]

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best professional microphone in India

Best professional microphone in India

Choosing the right microphone for your job is the most crucial step. There are many things that a person needs to consider before choosing the right microphone for their work. There are different requirements, such as studio requirements, recording music, recording guitar, and recording podcasts. Choose the best professional microphone in India, considering the requirements […]

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