3 Best Musical Keyboards For Beginners In India Review 2021

A brief guide on purchase of best musical keyboards for beginners in India

Why should you read this review of the best musical keyboards for beginners in India?

During festival seasons everyone will get a glimpse of pianos being played being played at every mall. This is the time when you can also join the bands. But confusion arises while deciding which piano you should buy?

Pianos are very expensive, but you have another option to it, the keyboards. It is less expensive but the effect is almost same. The traditional piano is great to play but they are very hard to maintain like frequent tuning, playing along with positioning and it also requires humidifiers.

Therefore, it is better to start with a keyboard which can be equally great but a cheaper alternative. Their maintenance is also very easy.

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Best Musical Keyboards in India

Musical Keyboard vs Piano

A keyboard differs from a piano on the basis of the design and also the different types of sounds and beats that are utilized. Like when you play and learn with keyboards you have to use your left hand to hold the chords and not like the individual notes like in a piano.

Then another important difference lies in the number of keys. The piano has 88 keys while keyboards have 61-72 number of keys. Synthesizer is a device that creates a sound and keyboards is device with piano keys. When you will buy a keyboard without a synthesizer, then there will be no sound and it is called a MIDI keyboard.
For a beginner a keyboard with 61 keys is the best option which is also cheap. It will not harm the integrity of the song and will help in easy learning.

We have outlined several different types of keyboard in the article to help you out with your buying decision. We have only outlined 3 keyboards to avoid confusion.

So, if you have made a decision to buy a musical keyboard rather than Piano, now you must think about what type of keyboard you want to buy.

Every keyboard is versatile that gives a person access to various sounds and its effects. The number of sounds that you can make also largely depends on the type of keyboard you choose.

Different types of keyboards are arrangers, stage pianos, workstations and synthesizers.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Musical Keyboard


Number of keys

Keyboards can have as less as 25 keys to maximum 88 keys. The higher the number of keys, the higher is the range of the instrument. But for getting the best musical keyboard for beginners it is better to buy a keyboard with a little less number of keys which will make it more portable, easy handling and cheap musical keyboard as well. You can always switch onto complex ones later.

Ease of playing

Apart from the number of keys, another thing that matters most is the ease with which you will play the keyboard. Touch sensitive keyboards are one of the best musical keyboards for beginners in India. With a light touch it produces the necessary sound.

Similarly the weighted keys are also important that returns back to the initial position very easily after pressing it.

Other factors affecting are the sound capability and other things that should be taken into consideration while choosing the best musical keyboard for beginners India online.

If you are a beginner then you must consider buying keyboards which are not very expensive. So you can at least get your hands familiar and understand whether you’ll be following your passion or not.  Lets have a look on different best musical keyboards under 10000 rupees, except for the last one.


Reviews of the Best Musical Keyboards For Beginners in India

Yamaha PSRF51 61-keys Portable keyboard

best musical keyboard for beginners Who doesn’t know about the fame of Yamaha Musical Instruments. It is one of the best Portable Musical keyboards that is offered by one of the well-recognized seller Yamaha. It is one of the best keyboards for beginner and others wants to enjoy playing music with beats.

It is user friendly having a colour coded and intuitive control panel. All you have to do is choose a voice and a rhythm and then start. It is quite versatile and has 120 voices and 114 music styles. It can be powered using AC adapter or six AA size batteries.

Price: INR 6600/- (Check out latest price and reviews of this keyboard)

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Casio CTK 2550 61 keys portable keyboard

casio musical keyboard for beginnersCasio is a renowned manufacturer and seller of musical keyboards and synthesizers. This is one of the best 61 keys musical keyboard available on the market, that will open up a wide range of music choices especially for beginners. It is excellent for introducing music to beginners that too with great precision.

It is portable because it is battery powered, light in weight, compact and reliable. It offers a large variety of sounds(400 tone and 100 rhythms, 48 note polyphony, to be exact). Casio offers a 3 years warranty for this Casio CTK-2550 61-Keys Portable Keyboard. All these features makes this electric keyboard one of the best choice for beginners.

Price: INR 6150/- (Check out latest price and reviews of this keyboard)

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Yamaha PSR E453 61-Key Portable Keyboard

This is another amazing keyboard for some intermediate levels learners and also beginners. It has many high-end features for which it priced on the high range. If you are looking for a keyboard which will prevent you from purchasing a better one at the later stages of your learning career.

This Yamaha PSR E453 should be your choice. This electric keyboard has 758 high quality voices including sweet and cool voices, with 48-note polyphony. The 6w + 6w amplifiers with 12 cm bass reflexed speakers make it loud enough to give live performances. The keyboard also has Pattern function to create your own grooves(25 patterns to be exact).

Price: INR 15476/- (Check out latest price and reviews of this keyboard)

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Bonus – How to Learn Keyboard for Beginners

Piano/Keyboard Key Stickers To Learn Notes for Beginners

musical keyboard stickers

These piano/keyboard key stickers can be sticked over to the keys to help you learn which note a key plays. The package includes 52 stickers which are enough to mark even an 88 key piano. The package also includes a instruction manual to help you place these stickers.

Price: INR 599/- (Check out latest price and reviews of this keyboard)

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So, you have make up your mind to buy a musical keyboard and start playing then as we have discussed in the article there are lot of things that should be taken into consideration. So, choose a keyboard of your choice and get on with learning how to play a keyboard.

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