Jixing 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar – Black


The Jixing 6 strings Acoustic guitar is an exceptional instrument for beginners. People who are looking to learn guitar from the basics and want an economical yet high quality guitar for practice.

The Jixing 6 string is the best acoustic guitar under rupees 3000 in India. Giving beginners a chance to learn guitar without worrying about expensive instruments.  The package includes:

  • 3 Picks.
  • 1 Strap.
  • 1 Carry Bag.
  • 6 Strings(complete set).



Finding a 6 string acoustic guitar can sometimes be frisky. But, with the Jixing 6 string acoustic guitar, music enthusiasts has found an economical and amazing way to pursue their passion.

The guitar has been manufactured by the music instruments giant Jixing. The acoustic guitar features 18 frets on a plastic material bridge. Providing you with a durable and comfortable material to rest and slide your fingers.

The body of this acoustic star has been made up with Linden wood. An apt material for manufacturing guitars. The finger board of the guitar is made up from maple wood and gives you quite a slide while playing the instrument.

The guitar features standard dimensions and weighs mere 1.5 kilograms. Other additional accessories with the guitar include a set of strings, one carry bag, one strap, and 3 picks.


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