Best Cajon for Beginners in India

Best Cajon for Beginners in India

Cajon or Cajun is quite popular among percussionists, drummers, as well as other music artists. It’s an instrument for all with a rich and somewhat dark history. Whether for corporate seminars or musical education, people love listening to a Cajon. Being a popular music instrument, this article will shed more light on the best cajon for beginners in India.

It’s a convenient instrument as well as portable. It doesn’t hold up much space and is moderately easy to learn, so the barrier to record is low.  The amazing thing is that you can play it seated and comfortably.  After determining the upper edge (basic snare) and middle (bass tones), the first simplistic rhythms are well on their way. Playing with other drummers, commonly in a group presents the whole experience as even more fun.

Check out this list below for a quick overview of the best Cajon’s available online in the Indian market. All these Cajon’s have been tested for quality, and are the best selling models.

Best Selling Cajon’s in India

  1. Best Overall: Clapbox Cajon CB11
  2. Runner Up: Kadence Hearbeat Cajon 
  3. Perfect value for Money:Clapbox Graphic Cajon
  4. Best Cajon for Beginners: Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon
  5. Best for Professionals: Clapbox CB-45 Cajon

The History of Cajon

The Cajon is an instrument with a rich and slightly cryptic history. In Spanish, the word Cajon means box or drawer. In the 18th Century, the first Cajon was formed by African laborers in Peru. These laborers produced with them, their luscious drum and collision tradition.

Accidentally, the Spanish colonial government was worried that musical companies could be hotbeds for the confusion. Now the scenario is changed, buskers on the street, as well as companies in venues of all volumes, use the Cajon. It has a natural tone that gives reliable music for guitarists and singers.

At present, the market is full of different types of Cajon, offering numerous features. Cajon’s are best coupled with acoustic guitars, flutes and drums.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most preferred and widely used Cajon from leading manufacturers.

Best Cajon’s in India With Price

We have compiled a list of Best Cajon in India with its price and detailed functionalities each has to offer. Music lovers who have been searching as well as waiting for best in class Cajon, the wait is over. Take a look at the following listed products:

Clapbox Cajon CB11 -Black, Oak Wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares

Oakwood Tapa, Solid MDF shell and it’s three sets of internal fixed snare wires give the perfect sound and perfect bass. It is built with excellent quality and smooth wood finish. To provide stability, large legs are available. It is the best Cajon for beginners in India.


Clapbox Cajon CB11 has an amazing bass! Each Cajon endures convincing sound status signs to deliver you an experience of a Full-fledged portable Drum Kit. The most distinct sounding Cajons are available in the market today. When a full drum set can’t be used, ClapboxCajons are very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band.

Why the Clapbox Cajon CB11?

Clapbox Cajon CB11 is perfect for acoustic programs. This amazing Cajon has a unique tone. It delivers the perfect balance between snare and kick tones. In the Cajon, additional bushes are added at the bottom, which gives comfortable seating and height. While playing for hours on stage, it’s unique height helps us to avoid back pain and stress.


  • Three sets of internal fixed snare wires
  • Sufficient seating and height
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Perfect for professionals and amateurs both


  • Doesn’t sound that good with a mic
  • Problem with the base support


First, check the Cajon box completely with its features and price then by it. It is sure that after showing it’s features and functionality, you can instantly give an order for it. It’s an affordable price best Cajon and gives a unique sound. This is the best cajon for beginners in India on our list.

Find more images and customer reviews of this Clapbox Cajon

Price: INR 5,799/- (Click the button below to check latest price and discounts on Amazon)

Kadence Heartbeat Cajon – Black H:46 Â B:30 Â L:30

This Cajon from the specialist organization of Heartbeat by Kadence is sure to give you great value for money. Kadence heartbeat Cajon’s front playing surface is made of wood with a solid birch wood frame, and it has medium rubber pads to maintain the Cajon in place while playing.


Kadence heartbeat Cajon is built with great quality and smooth wood finish. This Cajon is perfect not only for professionals but also suitable for beginners. It delivers excellent, sound quality. A lightweight pattern for enhanced portability. You can adjust snare and bass according to your requirements. To adjust it, L-key is available.

best cajon for beginners in India

Why the Kadence Heartbeat Cajon?

Kadence Heartbeat is the best price Cajon and perfect for beginners and professionals. It gives good slap sound and bass sound. The main advantage of this Cajon is that it can be tuned according to your choice that means you can adjust it as per your needs.


  • The front black wood playing surface
  • Perfect for amateurs and professionals
  • A lightweight pattern for improved portability
  • Amazing sound quality


  • It does not hamper the performance.


If you want an adjustable Cajon, then it’s perfect for you. It is built with great quality and smooth wood finish. Additionally, it provides great sound quality. It has common rubber fillings to support the Cajon in position while playing. Check different Cajon box with its features, and you will surely know that it’s the best Cajon for beginners India.

View more images of this Kadence Heartbeat Cajon

Price: INR 5,499/- (Click the button below to check latest price and discounts on Amazon)

Clapbox Graphic Cajon -Brown, American Maple (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares

Clapbox Graphic Cajon is an American Maple front plate, MDF composite resonating frame for intense bass sounds and three collections of internal fixed snare wires. It improved tonal features and overall quality – Crisp snare, more eminent tone, rich and broad bass tones in the Centre of the Cajon & Premium Finish. This Cajon is perfect for creating drum set Channels in studio recording & live Shows, and it’s large legs provide stability.


Amazing Clapbox graphic Cajon’s are created to destroy the dullness and provide your Cajon with an attached sparkle. This Cajon delivers craftsmanship and playability. Clapbox graphic Cajon is built of American maple tapa, MDF body and three sets of internal snare wires. To diversify the professional players and playing styles, this Cajon is perfect for drummers and beginners.

Why you have to Purchase Clapbox?

If you are beginner, then this would be a perfect recommendation for you. It provides fantastic bass sound and looks better than other Cajon Boxes. This Cajon is a great quality device at an affordable price point and absolute for building drum set Channels in-studio record & live Shows.


  • It’s large legs provide stability
  • Cajon increased tonal essences
  • Cajon with craftsmanship and playability
  • Build quality is evident


  • Sounds a bit low


Cajon has American maple cover plate, MDF composite resonating frame for low bass sounds and three sets of internal fixed snare wires. If you are beginner then it perfect for producing drum set channels in live shows and studio recordings. Check Cajon box online and know more about it.

View more images and customer testimonials of this Graphic Cajon

Price: INR 5,285/- (Click the button below to check latest price and discounts on Amazon)

Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB65- Birch Wood, (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares

To explore your new journey in the world of percussions and rhythm, Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB65 is a great instrument. This Cajon sounds professional enough to perform along with your jam concourses or unplugged gigs. This model of Cajon is particularly more accomplished in words of tone.


Clapbox CB65 Adjustable Snare Cajon helps to control the bass and snare sounds with the side adjustment control. It changes the tones from a traditional Cajon to a No blind Design with a Groovy Bass tone. In-studio, you will surely feel excellent feeling the entire bass spectrum, sizzle snares, slap, and warm finger rolls, encouraging your music and rhythms.

Why is Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB65 perfect for you?

This Cajon undergoes strict sound quality checks to give you an experience of a full-fledged portable Drum Kit. It builds from Birchwood Tapa and Solid MDF shell; even it’s three sets of adjustable snare wires helps to control the snare and bass sound. It’s the best Cajon for beginners India and also great for professionals.


  • The bass and snare sounds amazing
  • The stand makes it firmer and prevents
  • Large legs provide better stability


  • Need some electronic setting for sound


Clapbox Adjustable Snare Cajon CB65 is awesome Cajon in this price range. Its sound is too good, and the adjustable snare supports a lot for various tones according to the mood of the song.

View more images and customer testimonials of this adjustable snare cajon

Price: INR 7,499/- (Click the button below to check latest price and discounts on Amazon)

Clapbox Cajon CB45 -Crate Design, Birch Wood (H:50 W:30 L:30) – 3 Internal Snares, Deep Bass tone

Clapbox Cajon CB45 is the best Cajon you can ever perceive. The sound of snare and bass is incredible. You don’t still have to reach down to make a punchy bass. Just beating a couple of lengths from the top will provide you with the excitement you need.


Best in class playability and standard craftsmanship are delivered with this Cajon. Endure more progress and an overall increased active tone with Clapbox CB45 crate Cajon built of birch wood tapa, MDF body and three sets of internal snare wires.

Why is Clapbox Cajon CB45 a right Cajon to Purchase?

Clapbox Cajon CB45 is perfect for beginners, drummers seeing to increase their playing techniques and expert professionals. It’s base, snare and overall music are amazing. This Cajon increased tonal qualities and overall feel – brighter tone, crisp snare, strong and deep bass records in the center of the Cajon and premium finish – crafted to look like a wooden box.


  • Its Large legs offer stability
  • A classic for performing drum set creases in live performances and studio recordings
  • Enhanced tonal qualities


  • The front wood is not strong
  • The snare is horrible


If you are a beginner, then it’s perfect for you. The sound of snare and bass is ludicrous. The most amazing thing is that it is a very cost-effective Cajon. Don’t think too much! Order now and enjoy the amazing sound this instrument.

View more images and customer testimonials of this CB-45 Cajon

Price: INR 6,499/- (Click the button below to check latest price and discounts on Amazon)

Final Thoughts

A Cajon is probably the most simplest musical instrument ever made. However, choosing the right cajon is quite crucial because even the slightest variations in dimensions can cause the sound to go from north to south. Take into consideration your budget, the quality of cajon, and if you are serious about pursuing learning it.

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